The course “Application Design“ in our third semester was about redesigning an existing app. We chose a world map application called “Been“. The original app does have a cool concept but only possesses two functions: an interactive view of the world map and the option to mark countries travelled to. We compiled a concept for the redesign and created a prototype. We then visualized our project by a concept video, which illustrates the functionality of our redesigned application.


01 Analysis


Our goal was to extend the use of context, to add more useful functionality and to address three main personas without loosing the core idea of the original application. We liked the idea of creating a platform for sharing travel inspirations, the option to add and share travel documentations, and to connect with other travelers. In an attempt to develop this project efficiently, we used different methods as a competitor and problem analysis, a user journey and card sorting . That helped us arrive at our key findings.

02 Concept


We created an information architecture so that we could draw up a new concept of navigation. From there, we followed a complete screen flow with all levels and functions. The basic visual structure of “Been” can be seen on the following wireframes, including the three main screens: “feed“, “add“ and “travel profile“, from which you can toggle from one to an other.





03 Design


We tried out a wide variety of diverse designs. We decided on used polaroids as design medium, since it also represents an iconic idea of travel that compliments our application, along with the idea of collecting memories. We designed all of our icons precisely and compiled a style guide in order to set a standard for colors, fonts and positions.








Application Design



Nadja Grün

Louisa Mantsch

Celina Abdalla



Adobe Illustrator

Adobe XD


Adobe Premiere

After Effects