The course „Invention Design I“ is about inventions and technologies, which can find application in areas where they have not been used yet. Mainly the task is to create a concept for future processes. Imagine all the medical errors due to illegible writing of the staff and its serious consequences for their patients. Nowadays, the medical employees are still spending a lot of time on written documentation, but at what cost?


That is why we came up with a concept that involves a didactic patient record, a digital wristband (similar to a smartwatch) as well as an information screen that connects with the digital wristband for the patient to obtain information on their stay at the hospital. With this digital solutions, we want to simplify, improve and support the processes that are involved within the hospital. 


The idea is to connect the rotating staff dealing with new and resident patients more efficiently as well give patients more information about their stay in the facility. The digital patient file allows the nurses and doctors to have a structured system to check all viable information of the patient. With the digitalized wristband of the patient, it is easier to build a user-friendly interface between patients and staff. The information screen serves as a tool for patients to get information about e.g. the diagnoses.


Neuesmockup+armband_Zeichenfläche 1
digitale patientenakte


Invention I


Ramona Schurr
Louisa Mantsch
Nadja Grün


Adobe XD
Adobe Premiere
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator
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